78 Hutton Road & The Future for foureighty

78 Hutton Road & The Future for foureighty

Picture this. A few weeks ago, we were fast approaching the end of February and our stalwart contractors, DPS Builders, were locked in to start work on a garden bar in mid March.

For Ericka and I, plans were very much focused on the year ahead and finally executing all of our ideas for the infrastructure at foureighty. Then all we had to think about was giving our events offering a solid polishing going into the summer months.

But then a bombshell dropped. During conversation with our incredibly supportive landlord to broker a new ten year lease, we found out that Parry Cohen, our good friends and long term neighbours were moving off to pastures new.

Number 78 was suddenly up for grabs.

What to do?

Well, to be honest it was an easy decision to make.

Now, Richard and I shared our business journey together, with Parry Cohen opening a year before us, and we are very sad to see them go.

However, the prospect of an empty unit right next door to foureighty certainly caused a ripple of extreme excitement. Actually, let's call it an earthquake on a Richter scale of 7.8, delivering a visual shockwave into the future and all the possibilities in front of us.

As a result, we are very pleased to announce that we have agreed in principle to take over the unit and are currently in the process of brokering a new ten year lease on both 78 and 80 Hutton Road.

There has and always will be a drive to constantly improve what we do, and to collaborate with like minded local independent businesses to try and provide the local community with something really special. 

Well now we can, but with bells on, and we are very ready to take foureighty to the next level.

The prospect of double frontage, almost tripling our internal seating capacity, not to mention the expansion of the already generous garden space, is now all in the planning and quite frankly, has sent our heads spinning.

So, this summer keep your eyes peeled. We have the second annual Craft Beer Festival booked for the last weekend in June.  In July a much larger scale three event is planned in the form of a family style feast, and some really exciting new pop up collaborations with our local business partners.

Already booked in we have The Deli in Ingatestone hosting wood fired pizza bi-weekly in the garden from the latter May bank holiday and Hepburns are hosting an absolutely show stopping barbecue during the day on the Saturday of the craft beer festival.

And of course, foureighty is all set to get a lot bigger inside.

This is just the start. With many other projects in the pipeline, you can expect the usual foureighty shenanigans and we still have some really special surprises to come.

All of the foureighty team are absolutely buzzing to get started on this and deliver you all what you deserve; a brand new larger space to meet, smile and enjoy the sunshine.

We can’t wait to welcome you all in.

Here’s to the summer!  We can’t wait to get cracking!

Huge love to all of YOU the amazing foureighty faithful from all of US here at foureighty.


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