Announcing...The foureighty™ Craft Beer Festival - June 24th and 25th 2023

Announcing...The foureighty™ Craft Beer Festival - June 24th and 25th 2023

Welcome to the first foureighty craft beer festival!

Unfortunately, it’s taken us a bit of time this year (the creation of the Snug certainly held up proceedings) but we’re finally back with our first event of 2023 and this time we’re pulling out all the stops.

So, without further adieu, we are very pleased to announce our very first proper CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL!

Say that again?

Craft beer is a huge worldwide movement bringing innovation, individuality and delicious libations to a tired and bored audience. Up from the ashes of apathy has risen a new band of brave, small independent brewers bringing passion and huge enthusiasm into their craft, delivering some truly impressive brews, all the while raising eyebrows across the nation and piquing our interest.

Over the course of two days - 24th and 25th of June - we will be working in close conjunction with mobile bar experts The Inglorious Barstewards to bring you our favourite sixteen independents for your drinking pleasure. 

Expect a range of refreshing and delicious surprises, and come with an open mind!  

Not just about beer

Also, fear not the non beer drinkers. As we will also be stocking a delicate Provencé Rosé, a beautiful Bollinger Cremant fizz, and a stonkingly good Cabernet Sauvignon.

What's going on the grill?

On the food front of course, we once again team up with our great friends and master butchers -  Hepburns of Shenfield.  

With two full charcoal drumbecues fired up; dry aged, grass fed Galloway steak will most definitely be on the menu and I should imagine maybe a ‘Hamburger’ or two 😉

It is our great pleasure to invite you all to our first two day event of the year, as usual we want to provide you the very best we can.  

Expect great beer, cracking food, a summer foureighty™ soundtrack, so we can all meet up, smile and enjoying getting together once again. 

The Small Print


Our opening hours on Saturday 24th June will be 12pm - 8pm and on Sunday 25th 12pm - 6pm.

We reserve the right to refuse admission and ask that our guests are respectful and courteous at the festival at all times. To prevent overcrowding, we may also ask for guests to return to foureighty™ at a later time.



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