foureighty™ 2023 Roundup

foureighty™ 2023 Roundup

So we started off this year with some hard and fast goals we wanted to achieve before the year was out…

An Extra Inside Seating Area

Work on The Snug started in earnest in March and took a good few weeks of hard graft from the amazing chaps at local master craftsmen DPS Builders to complete us opening on the 26th of April.

Commission A Piece by One Of Our Favourite Street Artists

On the 26th of May we were graced and honoured by a visit from the inimitable Mr Penfold who brightened up the foureighty™ garden with an exclusive commissioned piece just for us.

Host A Two Day Craft Beer Festival 

On the 24th and 25th of June we hosted our very first annual Craft Beer Festival in conjunction with our good friends Hepburns Food hosting a heavenly barbecue across the two days.  It’s safe to say it was a roaring success with over 380 of you attending over the course of the two days.

Release Our Own foureighty™ Branded Coffee For General Sale

Born from a close collaboration with the mighty Fiveways Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam we finally and very proudly revealed Domino our house espresso roast for general sale to the public on the 6th of July.

Coffee Bar Conversion 

On the 31st of July we took foureighty™ on the road (literally Hutton Road) and moved the La Marzocco coffee machine outside for the first time to make way for the DPS boys to come in for a second time in 2023 to convert the coffee bar.  The inclusion of a new serve over display fridge, extended serving area, new fridges and dishwasher extended our capacity to welcome in our next collaboration.

The Launch Of Food & Alcohol For General Sale at foureighty™

On the 11th of September we finally launched our food offering from close friends and local business partners The Deli in Ingatestone.  This rather nicely coincided with the approval of our premises licence allowing us to serve some of (in our humble opinion) some of the best Craft Beer from independent UK brewers alongside some killer wine offerings to accompany the delicious grub.

Launch A Monthly Blog/Newsletter 

On the 29th of September we launched foureighty™ Dispatch; a monthly dip into our world for thefoureighty™ faithful keeping you all informed on our news and views.

Launch three. Our Monthly Cocktail Evening

On the 18th of November we launched three.  A monthly evening of sensory indulgence; three of our favourite cocktails paired with tiny tasters to truly elevate your experience.

Host Our Own Festive Event

And finally on the 10th of December we pulled together a festive first and organised our very own Family Festive Fun Day bringing together the cream of Shenfield Small Business which was very nearly a washout but the rain cleared off and then Shenfield you came out in your droves.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty incredible year of growth and achievements for us.  

The fact that Ericka hasn’t killed me yet is impressive to say the least, she deserves a medal!  Leo has been my number one, my right hand man, and my absolute rock.  Anyone who has been in to see us at the shop will know and understand that it’s our incredible staff that make all this possible, I owe them all a debt that can never be repaid.

But fear not! We are not finished yet!  On the 5th of January we sit down again to plan out 2024; 

A permanent garden bar and an all new foureighty™ garden 2.0 are the big projects in the offing.

Bi-weekly wood fired pizza in the garden on a Saturday from The Deli and of course the second craft beer festival at the end of June.  

An Argentinian Asado family style feast with live music is also planned, so 2024 so far promises to be a good one!  We will always work as hard as we can to improve for you.

So on this New Year’s Eve I’d like to raise a glass to YOU the fabulous foureighty™ faithful, here’s to a bright and beautiful new year to us all.

Thanks for listening 

Matt X


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