foureighty™ presents - three.

foureighty™ presents - three.

We’ve always looked at ways of bringing more to the table at foureighty™. 

So, back in sunny September, the four of us were sitting in the sun outside the shop enjoying some curious craft beers courtesy of our newly acquired premises licence, kicking some ideas around.

My whole life I’ve always enormously enjoyed sharing, trying something myself, really enjoying it and then wanting to share that experience with others, if they enjoy it, then comes the real kick, a big smile and an enthusiastic reaction!

I think it started with music, but then branched out to other areas, art, photography then came food and of course alcohol, so this next project has me literally salivating.

As you all well know by now we are meticulously obsessed with producing the very best coffee we possibly can.  Now we have decided to point that extreme focus in a very different direction; cocktails 

We wanted to do something in the evening at the shop but wanted to make it very small and personal, so as such there are only twenty one covers and we have decided to make it a monthly event, something really special, an evening of sensory indulgence;

three of our favourite cocktails, lovingly produced and paired with tiny tasters to truly elevate your experience;


Mezcal Spritz with ceviche 

Union Uno Mezcal, Aperitivo dry vermouth with lemon, elderflower and fennel, Gobillard Champagne, topped with freshly squeezed lime juice, and a sprig of fresh mint.  Paired with ceviche, a mixture of diced salmon and sea bass cured with citrus juices and topped with microherbs.


Tobacco Old Fashioned with Spiced braised Hepburn’s Ox Cheek 

A truly unique take on the classic Old Fashioned; Michters Rye muddled with ice, Angostura Bitters, classic syrup de gomme and fresh orange, with a tobacco infused rectified spirit atomised above the cocktail before serving.  

Paired with lightly spiced Hepburn’s ox cheek with star anise, coriander seed and touch of ginger, finished with a splash of Michters Rye.


foureighty™ Domino Espresso Martini with Salted Caramel Hackney Gelato

Our signature coffee mixed with Sapling Vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, fresh grated nutmeg and Maldon sea salt, paired with Hackney Gelato’s award winning unctuous Salted Caramel Gelato.

We hosted a test event last Saturday the 18th of November for twenty one lucky invitees which had a dimly lit, low conversation, glasses clinking New York jazz club feel, which I’m sure if you asked any of the attending guests, they would agree went off without a hitch, and was very well received indeed.

The next three. is currently penciled in for Saturday the 13th of January, which we hope to be the perfect antidote to the driest time of year.

Tickets go live soon and we look forward to delighting you!

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