progress report at foureighty™

progress report at foureighty™

So, here we are, heading towards the end of August and it’s safe to say 2023 has been quite a ride at foureighty™!  

As the season begins to shift into autumn, like everyone else, we’ve all been asking ourselves - ‘Where did the time go? 

But let’s face it, from our side of things, we did kick start the year in January with several hard and fast goals that we wanted to achieve in 2023, including:

Extra inside snug seating area.

A two-day Craft Beer Festival.

Shop floor coffee bar conversion to include the addition of a new serve over display fridge, dishwasher and draft beer pump.

The introduction of daily rolls and sandwiches from our good friends and partners The Deli in Ingatestone.

Unbelievably, we have somehow achieved most of these targets by August and to be frank, we are a little bit beside ourselves having made these accomplishments and the group hug we had the other day was certainly emotional.

That said, the beer pump and a new display fridge for craft beer cans are still waiting in the wings. But this week, we have confirmed the menu and food offerings from the consulate professionals and master caterers The Deli in Ingatestone.  

As a result, we will be trialing the various food options in the shop over the rest of August. With a view to a full launch of food from early September, once we’re all back from our summer holidays and the kids are back to school. Should all go well, the full service will be available from Monday 11th September.

Oh and one last thing! 

A Bloody Mary menu is in the testing stages, with 11 different variations on the hangover busting classic cocktail, for maximum restorative effect on those Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Annnnnd we’ve still got plenty of developments in the tank with a full garden/sun terrace overhaul over the winter months ready for spring/summer 2024.

We don’t stop, do we?! 

As usual, we’ll keep everyone updated with these regular blog posts.

Take care.

Matt x

Inside of foureighty, with our newly refurnished coffee station and hand over fridge

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