the foureighty™ educational series - why is my coffee cold?

the foureighty™ educational series - why is my coffee cold?

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The lowdown

Right then, we often receive the same coffee related queries and niggles from our customers on a daily basis at foureighty™. So, we thought we should run a series of blog posts; to help clear up some of the most frequently asked questions; and dispel some myths along the way.

At the helm here is Matt Bolton, owner of our unique, individual and perfectly formed coffee shop here in Shenfield. And as you will soon see, he’s rather passionate about the subject.

Take it away Matt…

Hi gang! I think to kick off, I would simply like to distill what our aim is at foureighty™

In essence, we want to make every cup of coffee to the very best of our ability. To do that, we employ highly skilled baristas and have invested in the very best equipment to enable these professionals to truly showcase their skills.  

Three is the magic number

With this foundation in place, we also employ some hard and fast foureighty™ standards that are based upon these pillars:




Our coffee is imported from Amsterdam (yes, we know, we’ve heard the joke so many times!) the main reason for this is pure and simple; it’s extremely high quality coffee.

We could make our lives a hell of a lot easier by getting our coffee from a roaster closer to home but we feel that would compromise on the foureighty™ flavour that you’ve all come to know and love, as I’m sure you’ll all agree :)

So, why is my coffee cold?

Essentially, we make our coffee so you can drink it immediately.

It seems to be ingrained in the great British psyche that hot drinks have to be scalding hot, and then we have to wait for them to cool down, seems crazy but that’s years of indoctrination for you!

The temperature of our espresso machine is very carefully regulated so as not to burn the grounds when the water floods into the group head and passes through the grounds into your cup.  Making it too hot just zaps all the delicious flavour out of the coffee and renders it undrinkable for at least a few minutes.  Also if we run too much steam through the milk it effectively ‘burns’ giving us an unpleasant taste.

The end result

And that’s why some of us think the coffee we serve is ‘cold’. It’s not. 

You can just enjoy it immediately, so please do!

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