the shape of things to come

the shape of things to come

The garden terrace at foureighty coffee shop in Shenfield

Hello foureighty™ faithful

As you are no doubt aware, change is afoot at foureighty™ and so by way of a little update, we thought we should release some little snippets. All to be shared on our first little blog post.

Firstly, the blast of sunshine that we were gifted with over the Bank Holiday has enabled us to whip the garden area back into shape for 2023. White paint has been lovingly, if not painstakingly, applied to the terrace and the fences have been reinvigorated with some extremely careful ‘scorching’. Perhaps we could make life easier for ourselves, but that wouldn’t be the foureighty™ way. And all will be worthwhile once the tables and chairs are set up for everyone to enjoy our coffee al fresco. Especially since some good weather is deemed to be arriving soon.

Coming back inside for a moment though, the huge question mark that has been figuratively and literally staring at us in the shop will soon be torn down and all will be revealed. We have made mention already of the ‘snug’ on our social media - so perhaps it won’t be too much of a surprise. However, we do believe that this addition to foureighty™ will most definitely bring some smiles to faces and once things have bedded in, we reckon that our customers' tummies will be happy too. Yes, there is more to talk about regarding the subject of food. So, watch this space.

Finally, there is going to be a change of direction with our coffee. Don’t panic. We are still committed to serving up the best coffee in Shenfield - meticulously sourced, carefully curated, and expertly delivered with LOVE. But a return to Amsterdam recently has brought us on a new journey and having tasted the goods, it really would be remiss of us if we didn’t share it with you. So we are switching suppliers and will soon be importing the good stuff from Five Ways Coffee, who started up in 2017 with the sole vision of ensuring transparency, from the moment a bean is picked, until it is finally brewed. 

There is a story to be shared here and the ethos fits perfectly with foureighty™, but you’ll have to sit tight a little longer.

And remember, we all know what happens to those who wait…

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